Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Everything happens at once!

A lot of things have been happening behind the scenes and we haven't been able to tell anyone about them.

How frustrating is that?! Well now it is all happening, and man is it happening. Wow!

To begin with due to the magic contributions of one Mr. Kym Flannery we now have a beautiful and carefully crafted new Boya plus the connections to the printers and paper suppliers to make the next Boya issue a true currency. See the design above.

This came just in time as we have been requested by Men of the Trees to work with this years Activate! tree plantings on August 6-7 in critical biodiversity habitat in the Wheatbelt so that they can issue Boya to volunteers based on the carbon sequestered by the trees.

But wait, that's not all!

We are now helping Coolbinia Primary to issue a Boya based on a 10 Tonne sustainability plan that is integrated with the school cirriculum. This will kick off in August and we are very excited with this one as it takes it back to our beginning inspiration, to empower our kids to feel like they can do something about climate change!

Part of the Ten Tonne plan is assisting a Ugandan school purchase much needed solar lanterns to replace dangerous and greenhouse gas generating kerosene lanterns. This part of the project is being facilitated by Solar Sister, an NGO working in Africa to increase student literacy and community resilience by helping distribute dependable and low running cost solar lanterns. Solar Sister are winners of a prestigious Clinton Global Initiative award for their hands on word in reducing poverty. What an amazing opportunity to collaborate with an organisation that is making a real difference in peoples lives!

And if that wasn't enough, Linda Blagg of Sunday Arvo Pictures in Fremantle have agreed to help us video document these early days and create an on-line video that will help us get the word out on this fantastic opportunity for our communities to roll up our sleeves to tackle climate change and for these stories to circulate in the world rather than being invisible.

To make this video we need to cover our costs, so we have used a service called Pozible to give you the opportunty to contribute to making it. You will be thanked with Boya from the Activate! tree planting, so if you wanted to earn some Boya but can't make it to the planting this is a way to contribute.

Click on the Boya below to enter the Pozible site:

Whew! If anything else was happening I'd need a holiday.

Stay tuned...

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