Saturday, December 27, 2008

Taking Our Own Sweet Time

The Maia Maia project has had a slow motion start - like all good ideas it is taking it's sweet time to germinate.

We now have some time - twelve years or so.

That is the time that the Kevin Rudd government has given for Australia to achieve a paltry 5% reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions - far short of the major turn around needed to lead the way to a remotely sustainable tomorrow.

The political interference has been intense - all of the Daily Rags in Oz have been railing against the very idea of taking any sort of ethical stance. And that was before the Crash put any companies in any real danger from emissions trading.

Which brings us back to the why of Maia Maia.

The problem of global warming actually comes from all of us. In trillions of individually trivial actions we daily push the climate and environment past the tipping points.

So it follows that responsibility for a solution must start with us as well.

We wouldn't be the first to do this - seemingly inconsequential carbonate shelled sea life have been cooling the planet for eons.

Why can't we?

Imagine a world where much of our "money" comes from creatively managing the environmental impact of our household activities and through how we choose to spend our money.

Imagine a world where businesses compete for customers not by the products and services they offer but by how sustainably these were produced.

Imagine a world where wealth is generated through empowering communities and not through remote and capricious financial institutions and markets.

Imagine a world where we have fun building our future while educating our kids and our selves in the true value of things.

These are some of the objectives of the Maia Maia Project.

To turn promises into action today.

We hope you can join us...